Xavier’s Poem

Posted: May 8, 2019 in Uncategorized

I know I can’t hang his lifetime on my walls.

With his picture-perfect smile,

I thought I have given birth to my burdens.

I have indulged my pain in his love

and I have indulged my fears in his trust.

So he has given birth to a mother.

Each contraction was for our future.

Pushing us closer to our destinies.

It’s through him I see life.

It’s through God we have life.

I’ve tucked away his answers through our nightly storytelling.

Using his imagination to protect his innocence.

Letting him know that since the beginning of him,

I have changed my burdens… to motivation.

Converted my lusts into a passion for striving.

Indulging in the perfection I hang on my walls.

His smiles fall into my emptiness.

Breaking down the barriers that hold on to my regrets.

Sets me free and allow to be… a mother.

Reminding me of the other smiles that are waiting for us in heaven.

I can’t be condemned if I have given birth to his guardian angles

and I will make sure that the devil will never get a hold of my babies

because I carry the grace of God in my motherhood.

Put his words on grounds where I stood weak.

Repent for forgiveness and ask him

to bless a smile that encourages my lifetime

because the walls are getting too small

for our captured memories and so

I frame Xavier’s perfection so it can

fall freely into my heart.

Share my poetry to exchange our changes.

Use his drawings to shade in forgotten moments.

Glancing at innovative chronicles recorded on our timeline.

His smile turns our bond into memoirs.

Pictured for perfection, I am reminded that

I can’t hang his lifetime on my walls.  


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