Whispering Words

Posted: May 8, 2019 in Uncategorized


Picture these words as gentle,

Low whispers.

Kissing your fantasies.

Erecting something  

That only passion could explain.

This is not physical.

This is chemistry.

That only lonely hearts could explain.

Because their yearn for affection

Creates the perfect emotion.

Not erotic but sensual.

Feeling these words

May seem unusual

But this makes distance expendable.

Sampling divine energy.

Every one has a story

About true love

But we have faith.

Griots to romantic blessings.

These words,

Whispering Corinthians.

Kissing your spirituality.

Resurrecting something

That only God could explain.

This is not physical

This is divine.  

Your touch is blind

But I can still feel your caress.

Suppress in between

My orgasms and my imagination.

Muscles contracting to grasp the moment.

Masturbating me with your prose.

Bypassing those who told us

That making love required

Us laying on top to each other.

Groping our loins.

Suckling areas only revealed at birth.

Exercising our joints to positions unknown.

Gasping for more stamina

To pull back and fight the rush.  

Trusting that the pain is sensational.

Occasionally looking

In each other eyes for reinforcement.

Shouting vain gestures.

Sometimes faking your pleasures for reassurance





Loosing the elements of our bond

In premature gratifications,

Is not worth it.  

Nothing is more sacred

Than your written whispers.

Because thinking of you

May make my lips flutter

But your words

Will comfort other areas… forever.      


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